Terms & Conditions

The competition will run Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – Wednesday 29th May 2019

How will this competition work?

By contributing to the Audience Memory Box survey, you will help decide the top 30 Riverstage gigs in 30 years.

You will be asked to name your top 5 gigs that you’ve seen at the riverstage. If you have seen less than 5 gigs, you can list those that you’ve seen and leave the rest blank. There is no minimum number to list.

You must provide your name and contact details to be eligible to win.

What will the winner receive?

The WINNER will receive a double pass for a singular one night show at the Riverstage in 2019. (A double pass is two tickets in two different names to one singular show on one night only).

The WINNER may be announced in public forums including, but not limited to: Online, radio, newspaper, television, social media.

Double Passes cannot be sold or transferred upon receipt of prize.

Upon the event of the WINNER being unable to attend their nominated show on their nominated event, the WINNER forfeits their prize.

Upon the event of the artist of the venue cancelling the date of the nominated show, the venue will organise for the WINNER to reschedule a future show at the Riverstage in its place.